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Maryland Multi-Housing Association Star Awards 2012

Allen & Rocks communities shined again this year at the 14th annual Maryland Multi-Housing Association’s Star Awards. Over ninety communities were evaluated from the top fifteen management companies in the Baltimore metropolitan area, being judged not only on their properties but on their people as well. Awards are given in each of several categories segregated by the style and price range of the apartment, and individuals may be recognized for their management, leasing, and service teams. To be considered for an award, an MMHA member must nominate the property or person, and then a third party is used to evaluate the nominee.

The Renaissance Club
Elkridge Estates

Three of Allen & Rocks’ properties were entered this year, and all three won big! The Renaissance Club was awarded the Silver Star in their category, and The Metropolitan of Baltimore captured Gold in their category! Elkridge Estates also received the Gold Star, in addition to the Silver Star for their phenomenal Service Team. Every member of the entire Allen & Rocks family deserves credit for these wins. Great work team!

The Metropolitan

Extra congratulations go to The Metropolitan of Baltimore which came in first in both the Star and Pace Awards this fall, and to The Renaissance Club, which was honored in both as well! To learn more about MMHA, and what an honor these awards truly are please visit the MMHA website at

Allen & Rocks

Allen & Rocks